International blockchain lottery

The world’s first truly fair and global lottery

The FIRE LOTTO project in brief

One of only a few real-life applications that use blockchain technology, Fire Lotto is the world’s first totally decentralized lottery platform based on the Ethereum blockchain and managed by smart contracts without any human intervention. Fire Lotto offers two types of lottery games: a draw lottery and an instant win game. The website has already been launched and the total prize pool has exceeded ETH 1200.

The lottery platform features a licensed crypto exchange with a user-friendly interface that allows players to buy lottery tickets with cryptocurrency and fiat (using credit cards or PayPal).

In total, more than 100 million FLOT tokens have been issued. Token holders receive a 10% commission on all lottery ticket sales, which is paid in ETH every two months. Tokens can be held as an asset or used to play games. In the latter case, Fire Lotto sets a rate that is higher than that on exchanges, rewarding token holders while also helping to increase the demand for tokens in the marketplace. FLOT tokens are traded on six exchanges.

How fire lotto is revolutionizing the way the world plays


SMART: The platform has no server, and everything is based on smart contracts. Our developers have solved the issue of handling thousands of instant payment transactions without putting noticeable pressure on the Ethereum blockchain.


PROVEN: Fire Lotto is fully operational and enjoyed by players around the world.


BULLET-PROOF: Full decentralization of the platform makes it independent, autonomous, anonymous, secure and transparent.


RECORD-BREAKING: 70% of lottery ticket sales go to the prize pool. Thanks to the low costs of running a blockchain-powered lottery, Fire Lotto contributes a larger percentage of profits to the jackpot than a traditional lottery ever could.


EVOLUTIONARY:> New blockchain games are being added to Fire Lotto as it quickly gains popularity.

GLOBAL GLOBAL: It cannot be banned or forbidden by any government or state monopoly.

ACCESSIBLE: The source code is public, and anyone with Internet access can play, invest or become an affiliate. Fire Lotto is already hosted on 120 affiliate sites around the world…and counting.


UNBIASED: Anyone who has Internet access can play, regardless of their citizenship.

The solution to the world’s lottery problems


FAIR: Using an automated double-random number generator built on the Bitcoin blockchain, Fire Lotto eliminates any possibility of tampering.


TRANSPARENT: Unlike other lotteries, Fire Lotto publishes all data on ticket sales, income, costs and other performance indicators.


INFALLIBLE: Thanks to its decentralized blockchain technology, Fire Lotto eliminates the possibility of human intervention.


UNMONOPOLIZABLE: Since Fire Lotto’s blockchain technology is beyond governmental control, all restrictions imposed by national borders and state lottery monopolies disappear. For the first time, anyone around the world can play the same game.


WINNABLE: A player’s chances of winning the jackpot in Fire Lotto are 30 times higher than in a traditional lottery.

Lottery Chance
Fire Lotto 1 to 8 million
SuperEnaLotto (Italy) 1 to 623 million
Power Ball (US) 1 to 292 million
MegaMillions (US) 1 to 259 million
EuroMillions (US) 1 to 140 million
EuroJackpot 1 to 95 million
Uk Lotto 1 to 45 million
Spanish Lotto 1 to 32 million
Swedish Lotto 1 to 32 million
Lotto Maxx (CAN) 1 to 29 million
Lotto 649 (CAN) 1 to 14 million

RELIABLE: Almost instant payments are guaranteed by Fire Lotto’s smart contracts.


SAFE: Unlike traditional lotteries, Fire Lotto winners remain anonymous, so they are far less likely to become targets for scams or crimes.


INCLUSIVE: By purchasing Fire Lotto tokens (FLOT), anyone can take part in co-owning a profitable lottery business.

Distribution of funds received from ticket sales

70%Prizes for players
10%Advertising Fund
10%Commissions for token holders
5%Technical costs
5%Development and support

FLOT Commission payment calendar for 2018–2019

7th of September 2018 12:00 UTC
7th of November 2018 12:00 UTC
7th of January 2019 12:00 UTC
7th of March 2019 12:00 UTC
7th of May 2019 12:00 UTC
7th of July 2019 12:00 UTC
7th of September 2019 12:00 UTC
7th of November 2019 12:00 UTC

Fire Lotto token (FLOT) holders receive a 10% commission of revenue on total lottery tickets sold on the Fire Lotto platform every 60 days. Commissions are paid in Ethereum, proportionate to the number of tokens the holder owns.

To receive a commission you must have more than 500 FLOT in your personal wallet at the times specified in the commission payment calendar.

FLOT tokens are also used to play the 6/45 PROMO lottery with prizes in ETH. The exchange rate of FLOT to ETH for a lottery game is always higher than the average exchange rate of the token to Ethereum.

Where to buy FLOT tokens


Play the lottery

4\20 lottery
Jackpot3 ETH$1,918
5\36 lottery
Jackpot100 ETH$36,316
6\45 lottery
Jackpot1,017 ETH$369,334
Roger's Wheel lottery
Coming soon


15.01.2018 - 15.02.2018



Lottery statistics launch


FireChain technology integration


API for affiliates


Fire Lotto launch

15.03.2018 - 15.04.2018



6\45 PROMO lottery launch (using FLOT tokens)


Instant-win game launch

Affiliate Program

IFRAME connection

  • Profit-Sharing:Affiliates earn up to 50% of lottery ticket revenue.
  • Guaranteed:Instant Ethereum payouts are ensured by smart contracts.
  • Fast:Payouts happen on a regular schedule without delay.
  • Quick Integration:Have the lottery platform running on your site within 1 day.
  • Fully Custom:Showcase your own brand with White Label integration.
  • Flexible Options:IFRAMEs and referral links can be used to generate revenue.
  • Hands-Free Operation: Winnings and jackpot payouts are made by the platform, requiring zero effort on your end.

API Connection

Available in August

Partners and affiliates



Upcoming events

9-11 October Global Gaming Expo in Las Vegas (USA)
Stand 4826

28-30 November Summit of iGaming Malta, SiGMA

Events archive

30th June WBO First World Blockchain Forum (Hong Kong)

27-29 June Mobile World Congress in Shanghai (China)
stand in Internet & App Planet N4.G59

5-6 June Belgrade Future Gaming Belgrade (Serbia)

Faq is a resource which helps you to look at the details of the funds flow in the Ethereum blockchain network both for wallets and for individual transactions (TxHash).

After opening this website you will see the search field in the top right corner where you can search for different information (Wallet / Transaction / Block etc.) with the GO button next to it. In our case you need to do a search using a wallet address or TxHash.

If you are using a wallet address, you will see the following tabs:

  • a) Transactions: here you can see the transactions made using this wallet. All the transactions shown are clickable and you can always check their details;
  • b) Internal Transactions: here you can see internal transactions called smart contracts. This is where lottery winnings go to.
    If you are using a transaction hash, you will see:
    • a) TxReceipt Status: the transaction status
    • b) TimeStamp: the transaction closure time
    • c) From: sender's wallet
    • d) To: recipient's wallet
    • e) Value: the amount that was transferred
    • f) Gas Limit: the payment to the blockchain network for the transaction
  • g) Gas Price: gas price, which can be checked on (see Gas Price SafeLow)
  • h) Input Data: the data that is entered when you buy a ticket; this is where the numbers which were chosen in a particular drawing are kept.

Go to Click the button in the top left corner and select “My tickets”.
You will see:

a field which you should fill in with the the wallet address

the "Current" button displays the tickets for the upcoming drawings

the "Past" button displays the tickets for the past drawings and your winnings

Go to Choose a lottery. Choose numbers for a drawing and click Buy.

Go to Choose a lottery. You will see:

Rules: the rules of the lottery

Drawings Archive: this is where the information about all the drawings in a particular type of lottery is kept. The drawings are clickable and contain the number of the drawing, winning numbers, the number of tickets sold, the amount of funds collected, the amount of winnings paid, the amount that went to the jackpot, the number of the block used, and the winners.

Make sure that all the fields are filled in correctly, especially the GAS Limit and DATA. These are mandatory fields.

Please note that if a transaction is made from an exchange, coins might not be transferred from your personal wallet. In case of a win the winnings will be transferred to the wallet of the exchange.

If a transaction has failed, it means that we have not received your coins and you have lost GAS on this transaction.

Check your transaction on the and check the status of the transaction.

If the status shown is Success, check the recipient's wallet. It must be one of the four wallets that are used for our lotteries. If you see a different wallet, it means you sent your money to an address which does not belong to Fire Lotto. Send us the link to the transaction on in this case. If everything is correct, you will have to wait because the Ethereum network can be overloaded.

If the status shown is Failed, send us the link to the transaction from the and the TxHash of your transaction.

Go to and check the Internal Transactions tab for your wallet. Compare the information there with the information on our website.

Click the Reject All button and try again. This happens because Metamask keeps all requests in a queue and takes the first one that comes along, which may be out of date.

70% in the lotteries, 95% in Roger's Wheel.

Drawings depend on the network load. In addition, the low cost of gas is set when winnings are sent.