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Four types of lottery

The 4/20 lottery
The 5/36 lottery
The 6/45 lottery

Affiliate program

If you have a website and you’d like to help promote Fire Lotto, contact us to become an affiliate.

As a Fire Lotto partner, you'll be entitled to the following benefits:

Profit-Sharing: earn 50% of the revenue on lottery ticket sales.

Bigger Returns: gain access to a multi-level referral distribution program with exponential return potential.

Fast Payment: enjoy instant Ethereum earnings based on smart contract guarantees.

Quick Integration: have the lottery platform running on your site within 1 day.

Fully Custom: Showcase your own brand with White Label integration.

Flexible Options: An opportunity to distribute lottery through reference.

Hands-Free Operation: Relax, Winnings and Jackpot payouts are made by the platform, requiring zero effort on your end.

How it works

0.003 ETH (~2 USD)Player purchases a ticket.
1 120 ETH(more than 1 000 000 USD)The prize pool is funded by ticket sales and a guaranteed fund.
PayoutsWinnings are automatically transferred to the winners’ cryptocurrency wallets.

A lottery with higher standards

Fire lotto has already been launched

880% of ICOs are not backed up by any product prototype.

Fire Lotto is a finished product that has already been launched.

A truly transparent algorithm

It is questionable if traditional lotteries provide for fair play.

Code audit show that most blockchain lotteries are either centralized or designed so that their creators hold the right to use the prize pool.

Fire Lotto is built on the Ethereum blockchain and uses a secure Random Number Generator based on the Bitcoin decentralized protocol.

The program code is available for inspection.

Easy to use

Most blockchain lotteries have difficult interfaces.

While designing Fire Lotto, we made sure that it would be easy to use even for those with only basic computer skills.

We have developed an unique one-click buying mechanism which is fast, convenient and secure.

Distribution of the prize pool

70% - Prizes for Players
12% - Advertising Fund
10% - Commission for Token Holders
5% - Technical Costs
3% - Legal




8th December 2017 Cryptospace Conference Moscow (Russia)

December 2017 - February 2018 Crypto Shark Moscow (Russia)

30-31 January 2018 Paris Fintech Forum 2018 (FRANCE)

6-8 February ICE Totally Gaming 2018 London (UK)

7-10 February London Affiliate Conference(UK)

16th February Crypto Event Almaty (Kazakhstan)

24-26 February CryptoMarafon (Online conference)

February - April Kite Class competitions and events in Tundra (Russia)

7-8 March Blockchain Summit Zurich 2018 Zurich (Switzerland)

10th of March Crypto Investor Show London (UK)

13-14 of March IGaming Asia Congress IGA Macau (China)

19th of March Blockchain innovation and investment summit Dubai (OAE)

21-22 of March Cryptocurrency World Expo - Berlin Summit Berlin (Germany)

22-23 of March Cryptocurrency & Blockchain conference in San Francisco (USA)

27-28 of March Blockchain West CryptoSlate in San Francisco (USA)

2-3 April Global Blockchain Forum Santa Clara (US)

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Summit of iGaming Malta, SiGMA

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